Patient Reviews

Fantastic Results, Half the Cost.
My daughter completed her treatment at JU last year with fantastic results! Now my 13 year old son is going to be getting his braces there in the very near future. And all at about 1/2 the cost of community Orthodontists.
From JU Facebook page: Brent Feb 2012Best Around!
Couldn’t be more happy with the facilities and staff at JU! The are so organized…. my appts always run smoothly and quickly…. The prices are the best around!!
From JU Facebook page: Lisa Mar 3, 2012

It’s nice to save over $5k!
From JU Facebook page: Melissa Jan 2012

Beautiful Smile.
Thank you for giving my daughter a beautiful smile.
From JU Facebook page: Cindy Nov 2, 2011

I have had a great experience at JU School of Orthodontics.
My daughter had Phase I braces there and I plan to bring her back for Phase II. The dentist who was assigned to her was thorough and her progress was consistently checked by a supervising orthodontist. The results we wanted for Phase I were achieved in the time we expected and now we’ve locked in our wonderful rate for Phase II. Appointments ran on time and their office staff was very polite. I drive 45 minutes each way to get there and I can say it was definitely worth it!

From a Google Review: BeachLover ‎ – Aug 30, 2011

Being able to participate in JU’s School of Orthodontics program has been a blessing for myself AND my entire family.
After being told by my dental hygienist that I should get braces because of crowding on both my upper and lower arches, I decided to check into JU’s orthodontics program. She told me it was a must if I wanted to maintain good hygiene for years to come. At the age of 50, braces were not on my radar screen but after sitting in the examining chair and having the process thoroughly explained to me, I knew it would be in my best interests to proceed. My doctor made me feel extremely comfortable and I could tell that patient care was on the top of his priority list. Not only does JU teach their student doctors about how to physically correct issues concerning the teeth and jaw, they are doing a fabulous job of teaching them quality patient care, showing concern at every level. I felt confident at every visit knowing my Doctor’s wise decisions and choice of treatment was being checked and confirmed by his instructors and mentors. From every level, I felt I was in good hands. In just under two years, my treatment was complete. The results were fantastic! Because my desire to have braces was not based on cosmetic reasons, the added benefit of a beautiful smile exceeded my expectations. Now my daughter is a patient at JU and she is about to experience the same joy as soon, they will be removing her braces. As a young girl, I used to look in the mirror and wish I had straight teeth. I promised myself that I would do what I could to make sure my children never had to deal with crooked teeth, if I could help it. Soon, my son will sit in the chair for his treatment plan. Being able to participate in JU’s School of Orthodontics program has been a blessing for myself AND my entire family. I tell as many people as I can that for for me, it’s been a dream come true!
From a Google Review: Chrissy L., Feb 8, 2012