What should you expect the first time you visit a Jacksonville University orthodontist? Answers.

You will be told what the problem appears to be, what tests are needed to properly diagnose the problem and formulate a treatment plan, and when is the best time to begin therapy. Once orthodontic therapy is recommended, we’ll also explain the particular reasons necessitating that therapy. Common reasons include:

  • Cosmetics (to straighten teeth, adjust an overbite/underbite, etc.)
  • Facilitating other dental work (to properly position teeth for future capping, bridges, or implants)
  • Correcting a jaw discrepancy or skeletal disharmony (bite is off)
  • Helping to maintain periodontal status (health of the supporting gums and bone)

The second part of this appointment involves meeting with a member of our office staff so you can discuss the fees and financial arrangements involved if you decide to proceed. This is the time to get all your questions answered regarding the proposed treatment plan, the length of the treatment, and the financial responsibilities you are assuming.

If you decide to proceed, you’ll move into the treatment process. Learn more about the treatment process.