The Benefits of Receiving Orthodontic Care at a Teaching Facility

Seeking treatment at an orthodontic teaching facility, like Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics, can be an affordable way to receive the highest quality care. Patients gain several benefits from visiting our facility.


Patients receive individualized attention from more doctors. The orthodontic residents are trained dentists completing advanced studies in orthodontics. They work closely with experienced orthodontic faculty. About 20 to 30 of them closely review each case and treatment plan. Although this detailed method may lengthen the time in braces, it still nets positive results. Convenient scheduling ensures that patients can keep treatment on track.


Getting braces at an orthodontic school is generally two-thirds the cost of care at a private practice. At JU Orthodontics, patients receive care from the sharpest minds using the latest technology for about 30 percent less than most commercial practices. Patients receive a free initial consultation and can create a “no interest” payment plan with average costs as low as $123 per month.


JU Orthodontics offers the best orthodontic technology and an array of cutting-edge products. Along with traditional metal braces, patients can receive state-of-the-art treatment options, like Invisalign, ceramic and incognito braces. Invisalign braces consist of customized liner trays and appear invisible. Ceramic braces have clear brackets that also reduce visibility. Incognito braces fit on the back of your teeth and are customized using advanced technology. Many practices do not have incognito because extra training is required, but JU Orthodontics has the expertise to offer a variety of options.

JU Orthodontics is one of only two university programs in Florida that offer certificates in orthodontics. We use our knowledge to provide individualized, affordable care to best serve patients on the path to a better smile.

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